Missing Sweden Already


I’m sitting in the airport, my bags overflowing with Swedish candy are checked, and I am bound for Canada — but not before a quick stint in Iceland. I have a 25 hr layover, which is plenty of time to spend an evening at the Blue Lagoon and explore Reykjavik tomorrow morning. I had planned a snorkel tour for tomorrow, but unfortunately the company couldn’t guarantee that I would make my 5 pm flight. So as much as I wanted to pay a visit to the national park where the North American and European tectonic plates meet, I decided not to risk it. This isn’t exactly a flight I would want to miss.

It’s hard to believe that it’s finally time to go home. The semester has flown by, I remember orientation as though it was yesterday. I also remember how lost I felt in the beginning, how big everything appeared, and how new everything seemed. And now the streets, the buildings, the stores, and the parks are all so familiar. I’m sad to leave and will miss Stockholm, its people, my Program, and friends very much. I look forward to returning to this beautiful city — I’m not sure when that will be, but hopefully not too far into the future.

Top 10 Things I’ll Miss about Stockholm:

1. Fikas — aka: an excuse to spend an hour or two chatting with close friends over coffee.

2. The candy bins. Everywhere.

3. The efficiency of the Tunnelbana. The only public transit that always runs on time.

4. The well-dressed Stockholmers — no sweat pants allowed, even if you are going to the gym!

5. Glogg — mulled wine with almonds and raisins that Swedes drink around Christmas time.

6. Running along the bike paths by the water.

7. Walking through Gamla Stan (the Old Town).

8. The aisles of muesli and granola in the grocery stores — an essential component of a Swedish breakfast.

9. Cheese graters — no Swedish kitchen is complete without one.

10. The Holmbergs (my Contact family) — I am so lucky to have been matched with a fantastic family.From playing in a tennis pro am and watching a soccer game, to eating a traditional Swedish dinner and visiting the ABBA Museum, I will remember the many experiences I shared with them.